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FES IS IT A SCAM? How does it work?Uncategorized 

FES IS IT A SCAM? How does it work?

You are probably here because you saw all of these credit repair posts on facebook or some other social media and either want to join the business side or just become a customer. But you just need more info first before you just jump into the water.  If so then you came to the right place. I will tell you exactly how it works, the good bad and the ugly.  The first thing I want you to do is to keep an open mind because every business is different no matter what it is. There is always one thing that makes it stand out the most. And one thing that makes it successful.


Let’s start with the beginning and how I came across FES. My name is Trecia by the way (The Credit Queen) you can find my links above if you want to contact me. I was scrolling through facebook looking for my next business venture and saw an Ad for credit repair. Being that I desperately needed mine fixed because i was wanting to buy a house I clicked on it. Now I am a business minded person because I run a hair salon business already so i am always looking for a new venture to multiply my income because these days you just can’t have one income stream. You just can’t! Everything is getting too expensive these days.


Anyway, After I clicked the pic I immediately looked to see who posted, and it was my cousin Cindy. I immediately inboxed her because I knew that if I needed credit repair lots of people like me, needed it as well. So off the bat, I’m thinking how did she get into this business? I just wanted in,  and didn’t even know anything about it yet I saw the potential. I inboxed her and said hey cuz how did you get into the business I’m interested.

My Cousin Cindy got me connected with her team member on a 3-way call because she had just joined and needed help explaining the business. I knew right away how easy you could get customers because she had just started and got me interested. If you think about it there are trillions of people out there still paying rent when it’s cheaper to buy a house but they cant buy a house because their credit is terrible. even though they may have the money. Credit is EVERYTHING. Credit is better than money. *I’ll explain in another post why” But for now let me get back to what I was saying. I signed up that same day and started promoting my business right away! The Secret to doing this is to just copy whatever your team members are doing.  Which is Copying and Pasting ADS to Promote your Credit Repair Business. The Team Leaders are all there to help you succeed because without TEAMWORK the DREAM WON’T WORK.

NOW let me tell you from my experience since I am a Customer and a Credit Repair Business Owner. With any Business, Nothing will work unless you put in the work. Plain and Simple. So if you run across someone who says this is a scam because they joined and didn’t make any money. 100 percent of the time they did not do the work! Which there is not much work involved if you look deep into it.

You are not actually the one who is fixing the credit you just help the customer sign up and set up their services to get the process started. which is basically having them pay their activation fee of $99 dollars and $89 a month for their plan. There is no contract. They can either sign up on your personal website that is made for you or you can enroll them in your back office yourself.

You will not see their credit report or anything you are just helping them sign up and set up their online account, that is all. You just made 99 bucks for helping someone get their credit repaired. The customer will then follow instructions in their email for the credit repair services they purchased on

Now when you first start out with the business just start posting ads like the ones your team members are doing just copy and paste their ads on your timeline, in groups and even make a business page just about credit reporting. To get consumers attention whos looking for credit repair agencies to help them repair their credit. Sometimes they may not even be thinking about their credit until you come along.

Someone will get curious and ask about your services and walla! you just helped someone to potentially reach their financial goals. But if you don’t advertise your business you won’t get any business. So NEVER STOP ADVERTISING. I went and made business cards and started passing them out everywhere in my local community, you have to treat it like a real business because IT IS. The Majority of your Customers will come from Social Media and your advertisements offline. You do not have to harass your friends and family unless they need credit repair and you can just let them know about your business.

Please take the time to watch this video BELOW to see the benefits you will receive with FES. If you watch in its entirety then you are ready to take the next step. If you cannot watch this video then I suggest you do not contact me until you do because I will just ask you if you have watched so that you can understand how this business operates. This is all you will have to know. If you have any questions then please ask in the comments section below or click on my picture below to contact me.


I mentioned above that I am also a Customer of FES but am now getting my services Free because I am now a Field Trainer. (If you don’t know what Field Trainer is, then that means you did not watch the video! 🙁  When You Join my Team I will train you along the way you will not be left behind because we all need each other to grow and move up in the company and everyone gets promoted!Here is my very first Testimony after only 1 month with the company.

We are A+ with the BBB and a debt-free company that has been in business since 2004 and growing rapidly! Get your own Business and be successful! You will not be left behind. we have ongoing training every day and a video training website for you to view 24-7.

I am the Trecia the Credit Queen Click My Pic Below to text me more questions about the Business.


these are some of the celebrities who saw the benefits of FES follow their Instagram pages to see how they promote and help their communities.

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7 thoughts on “FES IS IT A SCAM? How does it work?

  1. http://Chris

    Interesting concept. I do know there is an epidemic of people with bad credit so it only makes sense to join a business that can help earn you money while helping these people establish good credit.

    Let me ask you this, how long does it take to get the business going once yo sign up? Is there any other costs I should know about?

    1. http://admin

      Hi Chris thanks for commenting. the only costs is  $199 for your credit business including the FES Protection Plan Membership and the  $89 to fix your credit per month. You can waive that monthly fee by getting 5 customers and then your plan will be FREE.  or You can cancel the Credit Repair anytime, the business will always be yours. 

      If you do not want or need your credit repaired then you can choose to be  a Standard Agent for a one time fee of $249. If you do this you will not have any of the (PPM) ProtectionPlan Membership Benefits nor get your Credit Repaired. (refer to my v-card above) text POOLER to 76626 and click on Become an Agent and then Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the plans) 

      How Long does it take to get the Business Going once you sign up? It will start Right Away if YOU Start because Remember YOU ARE the Business. You have to start posting your ads and exposing people to your business. If people need their Credit Repaired they will contact you. You can try it now without even signing up. Just google the word credit repair, click on images and find a good picture about repair credit. Copy and paste it on your facebook page with a simple message and see how many people respond. Those people will be the one you will share your business services with. And you can do this anywhere, not just Face Book. After becoming an Agent More training is provided anytime and you get payed right away every Thursday. 

    2. http://admin

      as soon as you sign up you can start promoting and telling people about your business. There are no other hidden fees what so ever.

  2. http://Mary%20Ann

    Hi Trecia. Thanks for the informative article on repairing your credit. Fortunately, I am not in that position but I do know there are a lot of people who are, so it is good for them to know there are alternatives.

    I do agree with you.Good credit is paramount and is needed for so many things today besides buying a house or car.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. http://admin

      Yes you are correct and its Great that you have Great Credit. Most people who do end up choosing the Standard Plan where you can just Own the Business without getting your Credit Repaired for $249. You just wont receive all of the great personal plan membership benefits. But can still help others Fix their Credit and earn a great income. . 

  3. http://Rob%20Fore

    Trecia – you mentioned “Being that I desperately needed mine fixed because i was wanting to buy a house I clicked on it” let me ask if they were able to pull that off? The fixing it part? And what does that mean exactly?

    My youngest son is 23, just got out Air Force basic training is starting to settle in. He has zero credit… and when he went to get car loan he was denied for having too low a score. Does this service fix that and, if so, how long does it take. Thx. Good post.

    1. http://admin

      fixing is basically repairing your credit. I love typing with slang words sometimes. Your son must get a secured credit card to establish credit we do not fix that but we do educate our customers on how to build and maintain their credit witch is included with the plan. You can see whats included in the plan here  Thanks for your comment i hope that answered your question.

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