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Its Time to Repair Your Credit Uncategorized 

Its Time to Repair Your Credit

Its almost March 1st 2019 for me right now. Depending on what day and time you read this  the time may have passed already but the point is that you are still waisting time and procrastinating on getting your Credit repaired. You may have been waiting because you just didnt have the funds or you just had the funds but didnt want to spend extra money. You could possibly say , “whats the point i dont need credit, ill just use cash.  But one day you just may not have…

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FES IS IT A SCAM? How does it work? Uncategorized 

FES IS IT A SCAM? How does it work?

You are probably here because you saw all of these credit repair posts on facebook or some other social media and either want to join the business side or just become a customer. But you just need more info first before you just jump into the water.  If so then you came to the right place. I will tell you exactly how it works, the good bad and the ugly.  The first thing I want you to do is to keep an open mind because every business is different no…

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